The name Hotep is a Powerful vibration.


I use it to honor ImHotep, the multi-dimensional Nubian genius ancestor who excelled in various inventions and discoveries in his lifetime.





I do not affiliate with a doctrine or any one group of conscious Nubian scholars who may or may not carry a reputation for having "knowledge" and debates over information concerning Nubian origins.


I have studied plenty of written works but I've learned that consciousness is being present and aware of energies and vibrations. Consciousness is breathing and noticing oneself and how one effects the world around them. Consciousness is recognizing human existence and our spiritual connection to all living things. Consciousness is exercising one's creative capacities to improve our thought processes and states of mind.


Yes one may be conscious of various injustices and detrimental distractions that deviate from the flow of ease, but to override those negative vibrations with positive productive speech and action is to exercise true consciousness. Being aware of negativity is one level, but on a deeper level we quiet our minds from the noise outside and connect to the positive source of the collective conscious. The Source of Creation. You get tapped in. When all the information fades away and you are truly All One with Source Energy you become more and more conscious of your journey.



Say it to my face.

A Little Known Secret, from ya girl Hotep.

Posted by Hotep the Artist on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Being conscious is being guided internally, based upon your commitment to listen to your inner voice. Strengthening your intuition. In order to excel at this, you must be fully aware of your intake of information from all sources. You may begin by restricting your mind to an influx of high vibrational information and data. Such as books, videos, and music. You will begin deleting the junk visuals and useless audio that does not serve your chakras well. Your seven chakras are energy sources that range from the tailbone to the crest of the head. They are represented by the ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow. Each one having their particular energy focused for a region of the body. When you are aware of which kind of energetic vibration you are feeding into each chakra, you become conscious of your internal responses.


Ok, so maybe you have to read up on the chakras. I'm not advising that we don't read or gain knowledge. But I feel like we need to read about ourselves. As humans in this game of life, in this movie of life, in this staged play of life. When we study how to be effective humans and conscious beings, it has less to do with being Nubian, and more to do with being a functioning creative human. 

If Harriet Tubman had #twitter would you follow her?

If Paul Revere did it for the #Vine would it go viral?

If Malcolm sent a mass email would you trash it as spam?

Blocked? A nuisance?

Or would you subscribe to the ancestors feeds on #tumblr?


Believe it or not the #revolution will also be Online.


The question is, "Are you connected to the right Networks of Enlightened Individuals Making the Shift in Consciousness toward Ascended Answers about money, relationships,health, religion, systems of oppression?"


Or will You Slap the Snooze...and drown in the weight of this "reality?"


The fact that you’re reading this message proves you are in the number of those readyto wake up from what you thought "conscious" meant.


Let’s Talk. Let’s meet. Let's have a conversation about the areas in which you need

to Take Your Self Seriously to get out

of the confusing misguided matrix of Self Worth…


That is… if you truly believe You Are Worth It.

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