Galactic Perspective

How did you fall in love?


Some lovers found one of their soul mates in the pupils of their partner’s eyes and that satisfaction was enough to link arms for a season or two. It could be a birthmark, a tone of voice, their giggle, their walk. Or simply in the black hole of their eyes.


We are all humans whose souls have been sent to this planet to learn lessons from loved ones before...


Take that in....


Your soul has been to earth, countless times! In countless human forms!...same black pupils though!


We all have these past experiences, involving other humans...We remember each other in little familiar ways, from a time before.

Love confirms this brilliant reminder.


When you are sent a human reminder that your heart is being looked after with love from above, the 5th dimension, heaven, you can enjoy the benefits of marriage to symbolize that bond in the 3rd dimension if you would like.



Paper work, witnesses, photos, memories. FOOD!

As long as you and that human are exemplifying love. And not dragging each other through dangerous self-degrading experiences...Then

frolic! With that damn good reflection of your

inner soul!





You lovers should be of the bombest Galactic Creative Energy that your connection can make. Take care of your children with feminine and masculine influence. Balance our babies with strong men and women role models around them. Teach them about the beauty of their bodies and the knowledge of all its glorious functions.


See? Being connected to Love can be an extremely beneficial element to society.


We are done imagining humans rubbing friction when they tell you they are Together.

Or in a Relationship.


What they do with their body parts is none of your business!

You have your Own Human Journey to live out.

So when you get distracted by someone else's satisfaction,

you gotta do a #selfcheck and find the love you're connected to...



and strengthen THAT. #Lovewins


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